Summit Lighthouse

A Place to Learn and Gather for Ascended Master Teachings and Fellowship

The Revolution in Higher Consciousness Begins With the Ascended Masters

These are known as the “saints robed in white” and known by us as the Ascended Masters. Their mission is to teach everyone who so chooses that:  All can attain to the ascension by fulfilling three requirements:  1) balance 51 percent of their karma; 2) balance the threefold flame in the heart; and 3) fulfill their divine plan.

The Founding of
The Summit Lighthouse®

While living his life as a devoted Christian, the ascended master El Morya appeared to Mark Prophet. Because Mark’s life had been steeped in traditional Christian doctrine, he initially refused to believe in this saint who stood in brilliance before him and he asked him to leave. Eventually Mark realized that the visitation had been from an authentic, heavenly spiritual being and he called for El Morya to come back, which he did. In 1958, Mark Prophet founded The Summit Lighthouse under El Morya’s direction. In 1961 he met his twin flame, Elizabeth Clare Wulf. They married and she was trained by El Morya to become a messenger in 1963.


Our Community centre, The Summit Lighthouse Calgary, is also known as the Calgary Teaching Center. This is where we as spiritual seekers come together to learn more and practice the Ascended Masters’ teachings. Here we use the science of the spoken word to implement change in our lives. We use the Light to purify and heal and also the Violet Light to consume personal and planetary karma, bringing a new level of joy, peace and perspective on life. 

Truly, it is a joyous path and one of the Overcoming Victory of the Light.

You are invited to join our community services and see just how valuable this opportunity may be for your soul growth.