Who we are


We are members of The Summit Lighthouse Calgary, branch of the international spiritual movement and home for spiritual seekers. We look to the Ascended Masters and the hierarchy of Light for their teachings, as revealed through their messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and as confirmed by our inner knowing.

The profound knowledge and peace that we feel, as well as the desire for soul liberation in all humanity, compels us to share this wonderous spiritual path. It’s not an easy path (is life ever easy?), but as the master El Morya has said, “the trek upward is worth the inconvenience.” With the guidance of these beloved ascended beings who help nurture our spiritual development, we grow our bond to our own higher self, the inner guru. Truly, it is most certainly worth the inconvenience!

Our calling

As members of The Summit Lighthouse Calgary, we give world service through our prayer work calling forth the Light into issues facing us at local, regional, national and international levels. Using the science of the spoken word and with the help of heavenly beings, our goal is to  help clear the way for the ascension for all who are called to the path of the ascension.

Our calling and purpose as a Teaching Centre is to assist you the seeker to find the metaphysical material that will liberate the soul who seeks spiritual freedom.

You may find us at new age expos and fairs for body, mind, and spirit in which we participate. Please stop by and say hello if you see us. We love meeting all people who share the curiosity and love for these teachings.

We look forward to hearing from you and to your visit.

Your Friends of Light

The Lost Teachings Of Jesus: On Woman Part 2 With Elizabeth Clare Prophet

In the book, "Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine" Jesus teaches that the same Christ, the same light essence that is in him is in you. Get the book here: http://tsl.org/ltojmmdf

Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Twin Flames

Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains what is your twin flame. The twin flame is the other side of your being. The world of Spirit is teeming with Life and activity. It is not some kind of misty nirvana. For more information about twin flames and soul mates go to: http://www.summitlighthouse.org/soulmates-and-twin-flames/ Read the first chapter of Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Finding a Higher Love: http://findingahigherlove.com/

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The Inside Story of Saint Germain by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

In this video, Mrs Prophet tells of her first encounter with Saint Germain and how the violet flame changed her life. The violet flame has some amazing properties. We hear Mrs Prophet’s testimony of how she has used the violet flame to transmute negative karma, starting with this life and going back into previous lives.


Our bookstore carries a full array of Ascended Master teachings. From the Everlasting Gospel series to easy-to-read pocketbooks you’re certain to find the gemstones and pearls that your soul will love and appreciate. Topics from karma and reincarnation to purifying the chakras on the seven rays and more await.

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Our centre is a non-profit branch of The Summit Lighthouse®, a worldwide organization that publishes and shares the teachings of the Ascended Masters.